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Dick & Elaina Funk started their family-owned seed business in 1979. Over forty years later, the focus remains on their deep-rooted family values, lasting relationships with America’s finest production companies, and supplying high-performance products to Funk’s Frontiersmen customers.

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November 2020

November 17, 2020  Dear Fellow Frontiersmen,  In this time of thanksgiving, I want to express sincere gratitude for you – our growers, team, and suppliers – our family. Working with you increasingly close over recent years has been an amazing opportunity. I appreciate your high standards, persistence, and fine sense of humor even in some fairly dark times. Focusing on the future rather than getting stuck in day-to-day difficulties, it is ... Read More >

October 2020

Greetings fellow Frontiersmen! 2020 is a year that many are looking forward to seeing in the rearview mirror for many reasons, but one thing is for sure, it will go down as one for the record books in many of the geographies we serve, due to outstanding yields!  October is quickly coming to an end, and by the time you are reading this month’s edition of ... Read More >

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